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All Enjoy Riding---Suzuki Carnival 2013 Waiting for You

Suzuki’s first date with its fans this year, “All Enjoy Riding•Suzuki Grand Carnival 2013” will begin. Come and join us. We are waiting for you!

1. Registration time: June 9th to June 17th, 2013
2. Activity time: June 22nd to June 23rd, 2013
3. Activity place: Sancai market, Yaomu Road, Jialing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province
4. Activities
Competition Games: corner racing, shooting at the basket when riding, rushing for parking lot
Fun Games: Challenge GP, maze, jigsaw puzzle, space-time confrontation
Public Activities: doodling dream motorcycle, free inspection service, public parade (or sightseeing Wanjuanlou)
Others: stunt show, signature wall, theme photo wall, fans meeting

5. Schedule
June 22nd
08:00-09:30   reception
09:30        opening ceremony
10:00-19:00   games and other activities
(12:30-13:00  breaktime)
20:00-22:00   fans meeting

June 23rd
9:00-12:00   photo session, public parade or sightseeing (Decided according to actual condition then)
10:00-18:00  ames and other activities
(12:30-13:00  breaktime)

6. Participation way
(1) Visit Suzuki Family website and download the application form. Fill in the form and sent it to suzuki-family@jnsuzuki.cn.
(2)  Apply through your Suzuki Club. The club will send your application form to suzuki-family@jnsuzuki.cn.

The deadline for application is 24:00, June 27th, 2013. (According to the time your application form arrives).

Once QS receives your application form, your ID will be added to the applicants list in the activity topic in time. If you haven’t find your ID 3 days after sending your application, please contact the topic host by website short message.

Applicants please arrive at the activity place by 10:00 June 22nd. You can get an activity passport after us checking your driving license. Then you can take part in your favor games. You will get a stamp every time when you finish one game. Six stamps give you a chance to draw a luck number.

You are regarded to give up the activity if you haven’t arrived by 14:00 June 22nd.

7. Awards description:
(1) Competition Games: winner of each game will get a prize worth 50 yuan.
(2) Fun Games: winner of each game will get a prize worth 30 yuan.
(3) Public activities (doodling dream motorcycle): every winner (10 in total) will get a prize worth 400 yuan.
(4) Lottery: 10 worth-400-yuan prizes, 20 worth-160-yuan prizes, 50 worth-60-yuan prizes and several worth-10-yuan prizes.

8. Other explanations
1. QS prepares an area near the plaza for camping and will provide camping tents for camping lovers at a low price (retailing price 259, our price 100, moisture-proof pad and sleeping bag are not included). If you need the tent, please give clear note when you fill in your application form.
2. You can book a room in Nanchong Jinyuan Hotel by telephone number 0817-3733999/3766777.  Its address is Yaomu Road, Jialing District, Nanchong City.
3. We suggest you ride with your own motorcycle so you can join in the parade the second day.
4. All participants should observe safety regulations and comply with organizer’s arrangements.
5. QS has the right to use all photos and videos taken during the carnival and interview recorded words free of charge.
6. Contact person: Chang Chun(Suzuki Home ID, short messages are allowed)
E -mail: suzuki-family@jnsuzuki.cn
Tel: 0531-85030715

Organizer: Jinan Qingqi Suzuki Motorcycle Co., Ltd.
Co-organizer: Sichuan Nanchong Hengjian Industrial Co., Ltd

Yueyang Culture and Art Exhibition Center, Yueyang Chengyuan, Yuehua Sanxiong Suzuki motorcycle club,
Judges: BG Racing Center
Media support: Suzuki Family website, Motorcycle Trend, Motorcycle Information, Motorcycle magazine, Motorcycle Wealth, I-MOTO forum, Motorcycle Fans, Motorcycle bar, Motorcycle YES , Motor F etc. (listed in no particular order).

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