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New Look of the Classic—New GS125R, the King Style

Suzuki GS125R family has welcomed two new members in July. The perfect combination of two colors classical black and vigorous orange, together with two different styles of labels, refreshes your definition of classic. With bright color, excellent color match and precise detail, new GS125R gives new life to its classic edition.

Refined but born to be outstanding. Those who are really outstanding are not unapproachable. They seldom fail to show restrain but always attract people’s sight. Simple and refined, but they are born to be uncommon.

On the basis of GS125, take young generations’ aesthetic features into consideration, new GS125R was born to be the King. The exquisite painting, bold coating, unique muffler, stiff brake disc and its ornament tell you what dignity is. Front fender is painted in two colors. Black side cover is obviously different from the bright color of the body.  Black, a fashion color never out of date, was also adopted in front fork and wheel rim. Besides, its multistep seat promises comfortable riding experience.

Restrained but born to be ambitious. The real breakthrough does not rely on all-the-time advance, but on unalterable mind. Restrained but born with an ambition second to none.

GS125R is equipped with classic GS engine. A number of Suzuki patent technologies ensure its power and performance. Suzuki double swirl combustion technology allows mixed gas of oil and air  in cylinder form two cyclotron eddy current automatically and ensures fast and sufficient combustion. Short stroke engine results in excellent high speed performance. High speed bevel gear and silent timing chain result in smooth transmission and low noise. Lightweight design of moving parts greatly reduces mechanical energy loss and improves engine power. Oil injected by force from built-in pressing oil passage lubricate and cool parts such as pistons to ensure continuous and powerful force from engine and extend engine service life. Secondary filtration of fine impurities improves oil cleanliness, thereby reduces machine parts abrasion and prolongs its service life. Automatic chain tensioner allows the chain working its best condition all the time and engine run smoothly and quietly for a longer time.

Persistent but born to be forward-looking. The real bravery does not rely on past glory but continuous innovation for years.

Fashionable tank cap provided a shelter for the keyhole. It effectively protects the lock from water corrosion; the drain hole is well designed. You do not need to worry about rain entering fuel tank; the built-in bi-directional valve of fuel cap avoids fuel evaporation and reduces waste and air pollution. Fuel tank is robot praying UV curing process tank with thicker and brighter film. The color is even as bright as new after many years. The material of fuel tank is galvanized sheets imported from Japan. Halogen headlamps have brighter effect and longer life than ordinary headlamps. Simple but dignified electronic instrument panel is steadier and more accurate. In order to provide comfortable riding experience, according to ergonomics, the handlebar was adjusted to a reasonable height. Pedal, seat and handlebar holding point forms a comfortable space for rider.

Reinforced tires are used for rear wheel and thus road holding, bearing capacity and safety are improved. To meet China road demand and user requirement, bulky absorber is used. User can adjust its hardness according to different situation. It is more convenient for users to handle since the ignition lock and handlebar lock are integrated into one. The radial pattern of large size hydraulic brake disc improves braking efficiency and can quickly release brake heat. And the braking effect is better.

It means high quality enjoyment because of its excellence; it means outstanding position because of its dignity; It means leading movement because of its insistence. New GS125R, tell you what the real king style is .

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