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Our mission is to provide SMC-level high quality motorcycles for Chinese users.
We adopt SPS (Suzuki Production System) which is widely used in Suzuki throughout the world.
All our key production facilities such as press machine, painting line, machining equipment and testing and inspection system were designed and installed by SMC.
We adopt Suzuki TPICS production management system and “Small, Less, Light, Short and Pleasant” production mode, together with our bookkeeping note and parts zero inventory system   to set up a concise and efficient production management system.
We follow P-D-C-A circle and 5S management strategy, on the strength of staff collective intelligence, carry out QC and Quality Improvement Proposal activities and let Suzuki people get the sense of group honor and team work spirit.

Small: small cost
Less: less labor hour, less inventory
Light: light weight of equipment and tooling
Short: short distance
Beauty: clean, safe, pleasant working environment

Sorting (Seiri): Separate the useful and useless matters and things then handle the useless
Arrangement (Seiton): Arrange useful things in proper order and pre-defined quantity to reduce searching time
Clean (Seiso): Keep working environment and equipment clean and tidy
Standardization (Seiketsu): Always keeping working environment in a pleasant condition
Manner (Shitsuke): Cultivate good habits, manners and obey rules.

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